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Glisten on Your Winter Wedding Day

What is more magical than a Christmas wedding?  The reds and greens, the glistening snow, and the cheery attitudes all make for a perfect wedding day.

winter weddingchristmas wedding

There are many themes that surround Christmas weddings.  You can go with a winter wedding wonderland with ice and snow and all things glittery and white.  You can go traditional and have a red and green wedding.  You can keep it simple and bright by using Christmas lights everywhere you look.  The twinkling of the lights make your space simply magical!

One of the pros to having a holiday wedding is that most places are going to already be decorated for Christmas.  Churches especially will have at least some sort of greenery, lights, and even poinsettia in their sanctuary.  This saves you tons of time and money!  If you don’t like the exact look, you can always ask if it can be changed around a bit.

red wedding         christmas wedding

If you are looking for decorations for reception tables, filling glass vases with solid-colored glass ornaments.  It is very simple, cheap, and very different!  Or you can take bundles of white branches and cover them in lights for another easy decoration item.  You can even use candy canes and little red bows to add a Christmas touch to the tables.

Of course favors are important to any wedding, but for a unique winter wedding idea, fill small Christmas stockings with candy, ornaments, candy canes, or whatever your heart desires.  Your guests will love the creativity!  Another idea for a favor is to send your guests home with a cd of your favorite classic Christmas tunes.  It is something that they can pull out from year to year and think of you!

christmas wedding bouquet  green wedding

As far as the reception, you can ask your caterer to serve a traditional holiday meal to make it feel like one big family dinner.  You can serve egg nog, hot cocoa, or even spiced cider to make it feel even more like a big, happy Christmas wedding.

wedding favor christmas wedding          red bouquet roses wedding

You need to take good care of your bridesmaids on your big day, as they are the most important to you.  You can adorn them in some beautiful crystals to go with a winter wonderland theme.  If you want classy, find some pearls.  If you want cheery and bright, go with a green or red piece of jewelry. Silver is also a great color to use for your bridesmaid jewelry.

red wedding necklacechristmas wedding

Whether you choose to go with a winter wedding or a traditional Christmas wedding, it is very easy to make it beautiful.  If you want your wedding to be magical, why not get married on the most magical time of the year?

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