Vintage Fashion Finds – Sweet Summer Hues

   Vintage Fashion Finds

Some of my favorite ways to spend my free time are perusing antique shops and scouring  for vintage items online. I have a particular fascination with the 30’s-50’s due to the very classic nature of these pieces and their unique lines. While I would love nothing more than to buy all these magnificent items, I will do the second best thing …share!

Sweet Summer Hues

L'Officiel de La Couture et de la Mode de Paris 1964 Magazine Advertisement $9 at Papergirldolls

Soft silk and cool cotton whites are my summer favorites.

vintage ORNATE LACE CENTER dress $68 at IKAHN

Spanish White Cotton Ruffle Ribbon Dress $62 at aiseirigh

Splashes of colorful accessories hit the mark.

Kelly Green 1960's Handbag $28 at wanderlost

Vintage Turquoise Woven Skimmer Shoe $38 at litleanu

1940s Cascading Flowers Headpiece $42 at Poppycock Vintage

Cool Matte Aluminum Cat Eye Eyeglass Frames, 1950s 1960s, Rhinestones $148 at Bibbys Rocket

Vintage 40s LATTICED Peep Toe Heels $76 at Maries Vintage

Stay cool with flowing vintage dresses

1960's Vintage Tangerine Cameo Paisley Dress $70 at aiseirigh

1970's Vintage Flower Power MAXI DRESS $10 at vintagous

vintage 1960s floral halter sundress $45 at OmniaWears

Last but not least…..Vintage Jewelry

Vintage 1950s Purple, Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Pin Brooch and Earrings $28 at Vintage Fabulous

Vintage purple open back crystal glass necklace $48 at Chic Vintage Boutique

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have. It took a lot of willpower to not purchase some of these items 🙂

 As always your feedback is appreciated! I’d love to hear what your favorite piece in this collection is.

For more information on any of these items click on either the link (which doesn’t always show up) or the picture. Thanks!


About inspiredbyelizabeth

We are a premier jewelry company that creates vintage inspired jewelry with a contemporary twist. Think Audrey Hepburn meets Katy Perry! We believe all women are beautiful just the way they are. Inspired by Elizabeth was created in 2010 and we have not stopped rolling since! We began as a startup store with a few items on Etsy and grew into our very own home here on the web. We are using this excitement and momentum to catapult us into our next endeavor - bringing our jewelry into boutiques around the world! All of our creations are handcrafted in the USA with the utmost care for high quality materials for YOU our amazing customer. Every time you reach into your jewelry box and pull out one of our creations - because you will again and again – we want you to feel all the thought and work that goes into each individual piece. We create for you our customers – ok and a bit for ourselves because whats the point of making jewelry if you can’t keep a little for yourself. Come join our email list to stay in the mix and checkout our blog for fabulous articles on steampunk culture, vintage style, weddings, and behind the scenes content from yours truly. So pull up a chair and stay for awhile you are always welcome here at Inspired by Elizabeth!
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2 Responses to Vintage Fashion Finds – Sweet Summer Hues

  1. Holly Marie says:

    Beautiful picks! I love that lace waist dress. Thanks for including my shoes here 🙂

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