Steampunk Ring Giveaway From Inspired by Elizabeth



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Steampunk Ring Handcrafted Jewelry: Behind The Scenes at Inspired by Elizabeth

                                                               Steampunk Rings

Mothers Ring

Steampunk Ring. Custom Made from Inspired by Elizabeth.

What I love most about creating Steampunk jewelry, particularly Steampunk rings, is the uniqueness of every piece. Every watch movement tells a story. They all come to me with a unique tale to tell. These stories are quietly revealed in their brand names, their watch faces and the intricate text written inside the actual watch itself waiting to be revealed. I often wonder about the person who once wore the watch itself. Was the watch a gift, was it a piece they held dear or was it easily discarded by the posh that have too many trinkets to call one sacred?  Was this watch worn during the flapper era, worn by a woman or minority voting for the first time, or worn by a Don Draper-esqe man in the 1960’s? This is all so fascinating to me and this is why I continue to make these unique rings.

The watch movements I use in creating these rings are all well known, high quality brands such as gruen, bulova, elgin and more. I do not use any of the lower brand name watch pieces (timex, citizen) that come a dime a dozen. I carefully inspect each piece making sure it is stable for use in my jewelry. Some pieces have already been removed from the watch while others I remove myself. It is like opening a present. While I have a good idea of what I will find inside I am always in awe of the uniqueness of some of these watch pieces.

Even the watch faces, or dials if you will, can vary greatly. Some have intricate embossed designs, roman numerals or more traditionally numbers, gold or brass hands (some still attached), varying shapes and sizes from long rectangles, squares ovals and even circles. Some of the watch faces are medal while others, often older pocket watch faces, are porcelain and very delicate in nature. I remove the watch faces before making the ring. I usually sell these to private buyer or online with watch movements that are either not up to par with my standards or are in styles or colors that I do not use. Needless to say I am very picky with the materials I choose to use to create your fabulous ring.

Steampunk Jewelry Watch Faces

Watch Faces

I am also very picky in the band I choose to create your ring with. I generally use four different styles. One is an antique silver filigree ring. These are sealed and are very durable. These are not the thin flimsy rings associated with some other Steampunk rings. I have had mine for years now and I love it. The second is the same type of filigree ring only antique brass. The third is a solid band ring with an adjustment (gap) hidden in the front. This works great for sizes 6-12 and for those that do not want a gap in the back of their ring. The adjustment here is hidden in the front under the watch movement. This is the type I use when creating rings for men. Lastly I also have a fabulous two tiered sterling silver band.

As if the watch movement variations and band types weren’t enough variation for you I also use amazing Swarovski Crystals to add color and uniqueness to your ring. Many of my rings are already made and ready to purchase but I also create Custom Steampunk Rings as well. These are great if you have a favorite color, want to include your birthstones, or even create a mother’s ring.

I hope you have found this peak into the inner workings of my business enjoyable. I love what I do and I feel very blessed to be able to create such intricate work for you to enjoy and give as gifts.  Now leave a comment and let me know which is your favorite!

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Steampunk Fashion Comic Con San Diego 2014

Steampunk is Picking Up Steamcomic con san diego 2014


San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is a trend setter, years ago it was a sacred recluse for geeks and nerds paying homage to the high and mighty of the comic world (not that there is anything wrong with that). It has changed a lot; it has evolved, gotten bigger, become fashionable. The major production houses now appear at Comic Con more than it could have ever been imagined a few years ago, but this is what life is about, evolution and adaptation. And when we talk about these two, Steampunk is a combination of both, an evolved adaptation of a passion to see the future if the pesky electronics had not meddled with the way we lived.

Steampunk Fashion

 steampunk at comic conCall me old-fashioned, but I like to hold things and get a real feel of them. Not some flimsy delicate object that feels violated if your touch is not as if you are holding a butterfly. The metal clunk, the moving gears; the beautiful artistry that is visible trumps the hidden electronic genius for me, any day, anywhere and anytime. For me Comic Con was refreshing, the steampunk panel was a group of highly intelligent people teamed together working in the same direction. As a steampunk romantic, who has feared for the future and direction, often, I can say it fairly safely; steampunk has started to pick up real steam now.


Steampunk Butterfly Necklace from Inspired by Elizabeth
Steampunk Butterfly Necklace from Inspired by Elizabeth


There are many highlights about steampunk but what trumps all is the way steampunk looks to the eye, nothing against latex or anime but they are not my favorites. There is nothing more beautiful, elegant and unique then the steampunk costumes at comic con. Add the beautiful jewelry to the costume and behold, elegance personified. There has been steady development, form over function may be the case with modern jewelry and accessories but steam punk has somehow managed to keep these two much closer. Brass lockets that are both eye candy and double up as keys, watches that both tell time and are bracelets, elegant belts, amazing earrings, if you are a tragic for such things, this comic con was the place to be.

comic con steampunk

The world has moved forward, probably for the better, sometimes though, it is great to look back from the window of imagination to see how the past would have changed our present. Comic con provides a beautiful glimpse to what it could have been; what sort of things would be fashionable? What sort of life would have been desirable? The dress code, everything. I do hope that things we love get more attention, the beauty that is not visible to the world now, deserves its day in the sunshine.

inspired by elizabeth


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Winter Wedding Ideas Christmas Wedding

Glisten on Your Winter Wedding Day

What is more magical than a Christmas wedding?  The reds and greens, the glistening snow, and the cheery attitudes all make for a perfect wedding day.

winter weddingchristmas wedding

There are many themes that surround Christmas weddings.  You can go with a winter wedding wonderland with ice and snow and all things glittery and white.  You can go traditional and have a red and green wedding.  You can keep it simple and bright by using Christmas lights everywhere you look.  The twinkling of the lights make your space simply magical!

One of the pros to having a holiday wedding is that most places are going to already be decorated for Christmas.  Churches especially will have at least some sort of greenery, lights, and even poinsettia in their sanctuary.  This saves you tons of time and money!  If you don’t like the exact look, you can always ask if it can be changed around a bit.

red wedding         christmas wedding

If you are looking for decorations for reception tables, filling glass vases with solid-colored glass ornaments.  It is very simple, cheap, and very different!  Or you can take bundles of white branches and cover them in lights for another easy decoration item.  You can even use candy canes and little red bows to add a Christmas touch to the tables.

Of course favors are important to any wedding, but for a unique winter wedding idea, fill small Christmas stockings with candy, ornaments, candy canes, or whatever your heart desires.  Your guests will love the creativity!  Another idea for a favor is to send your guests home with a cd of your favorite classic Christmas tunes.  It is something that they can pull out from year to year and think of you!

christmas wedding bouquet  green wedding

As far as the reception, you can ask your caterer to serve a traditional holiday meal to make it feel like one big family dinner.  You can serve egg nog, hot cocoa, or even spiced cider to make it feel even more like a big, happy Christmas wedding.

wedding favor christmas wedding          red bouquet roses wedding

You need to take good care of your bridesmaids on your big day, as they are the most important to you.  You can adorn them in some beautiful crystals to go with a winter wonderland theme.  If you want classy, find some pearls.  If you want cheery and bright, go with a green or red piece of jewelry. Silver is also a great color to use for your bridesmaid jewelry.

red wedding necklacechristmas wedding

Whether you choose to go with a winter wedding or a traditional Christmas wedding, it is very easy to make it beautiful.  If you want your wedding to be magical, why not get married on the most magical time of the year?

inspired by elizabeth


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Steampunk Necklace Giveaway from Inspired by Elizabeth Only 3 Days Left to Enter!

April Giveaway from Inspired by Elizabeth

Steampunk Necklace from Inspired by Elizabeth

Steampunk Necklace with Vintage Sapphire Glass Jewel from Inspired by Elizabeth

Want to win this fabulous necklace from Inspired by Elizabeth?

This month I have chosen an extra special piece to kick things off with. This handmade Steampunk necklace is made with a vintage (non-working) watch movement, Swarovski Crystals and an 18mm vintage sapphire blue glass jewel. The necklace dangles from a 15″ silver tone chain. For more detailed information click on the picture.

Winner chosen by on April 30th. Winner announced in Inspired by Elizabeth newsletter, Facebook & twitter. Winner will also be notified through e-mail. Giveaway is open worldwide & includes FREE SHIPPING.

1 Entry =  The only mandatory one. Subscribe to the awesome Inspired by Elizabeth newsletter . Make sure to check your email to confirm your subscription. I do not receive your entries unless you confirm. You don’t want to miss out.

Good luck and thank you for helping to spread the word about how amazing Inspired by Elizabeth is. You rock!

Questions? Contact me @

Thank  you & good luck!

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What is Steampunk?


what is steampunkwhat is steampunk 2


As a jewelry designer of many vintage and vintage inspired jewelry pieces, including Steampunk Jewelry, I am often asked,’ “What is steampunk?” Much to my dismay, family members have often stated when introducing me, “This is Elizabeth she makes amazing steamroller, steamboat, or steamtrunk (your pick) jewelry.” This polite misunderstanding is the inspiration for this fabulous blog post.


what is steampunk3


Time Magazine recently named Steampunk one of the hottest new fashion trends. Any Steampunk fan can tell you that there is nothing new about this subculture’s popularity. Oxford dictionary defines Steampunk as “a sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-poweredmachinery”.


Steampunk Necklace from Inspired by Elizabeth

Steampunk Necklace from Inspired by Elizabeth

Steampunk is deeply rooted in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. It combines the mechanics of the past with the technology of the future. The term Steampunk was actually coined in the 1980’s and has influenced film (Metropolis), television (Castle), Literature, video games & fashion. Once your world has been opened up to the idea of Steampunk you will begin to see it everywhere.

So tighten your corset and enter your time machine because this “trend” isn’t going anywhere.  And for that I am very grateful!

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April Giveaway is Live

If you haven’t already made the switch from this old wordpress blog to my new & improved blog this is your chance. I am giving away an amazing Steampunk necklace. You are not going to want to miss out on this exciting opportunity to own this gorgeous necklace. Here is a peak 🙂 Come enter the giveaway here:    elizabeth_sig

Steampunk Necklace

Steampunk Necklace

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Don’t miss out


After careful thought the Inspired by Elizabeth blog is moving from wordpress to It just makes sense to consolidate everything into one place. The April giveaway (which will be amazing) will also be hosted on my website.

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February Giveaway Winner Announced

This months winner of the beautiful red heart earrings is Cami87! Thank you to everyone for sharing and pinning! Hoping to have some new exciting changes with the next giveaway. Stay tuned…it is always an adventure 🙂     



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February Love & Giveaway

Inspired by Elizabeth’s February Love, Giveaway & Sale


I hope February has been an amazing month for you all. I feel a bit spoiled enjoying temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s while some of you are buried in snow. This month has been very busy with wedding and Valentine’s orders. Lots of love in the air, I can attest to that. One of my favorite parts of what I do is working with boyfriends and husbands. I get to write out the sweet notes that accompany their wives & girlfriends gifts.  Speaking of love wouldn’t you love to win these Vintage red glass earrings set in antique brass. Smooth Segway right?

 Only 6 days left to enter the February giveaway. If you haven’t already done so click on the link below to enter. Good luck!


10% off all shops!

Coupon Code feb2014



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